Catch the wind

Catch the wind

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hi from lenny!

hi! i'm lenny lee and im soooo excited 'cause im writing stuff on my very own blogger page. i didn't ever hear the word blog til a lady we know, her name is paddy, said it to my brother, his name is sebi, and he told me and i said WOW thats neat! my brother jon, who could be mostly pretty mean, says BLOG means Big Load Of Garbage. that made me laugh haha. i hope what i write could be lots better than that. oh, and he said no one is gonna read my stuff or say any thing nice about it. well, he didn't bother me and i'm still gonna write stuff 'cause it's fun and i like doing it and i hope you could like it too.

i named my blog lennys world 'cause thats only what i know about and could write about. mostly its feel good stuff that i hope could make you feel good too. heres the first thing i want to share with you.

spring time is in front of me

spring time is just right in front of me and getting closer. i know that 'cause today i saw some really pretty white flower trees and pink flower ones. i just stood for a long time looking at them and didn't think of anything but just them. all of a sudden the softness and prettiness got past my eyes and got way down inside of me til i got filled up with them and i wanted to burst open and scatter all of what i was feeling all over the place and get it on every one. i think its love for just this small part of mother earth that got inside me. i wished i could make up a pretty spring song and sing it to the whole world so they could love these pretty trees too. its a good thing i didnt 'cause im not a good singer and maybe mother earth would cover her ears and bring back winter really fast. ha ha. i could like it a lot if you could take just even a little time to see spring in front of you and let it get inside you. it feels really good. if you try it, tell me if you got feeling good too. bye for now. .....hugs from lenny


  1. Super Lenny, I know you will blog about everything and all your wonderful stories. Take care, Cat Whisperer

  2. A wonderful post, Lenny, keep writing. Much love, Carole.

  3. Hi Lenny,
    Well done with your blog, your writing is great.

  4. I like your brother Jon's definition of BLOG - me, I've always thought the word sounded like a gastrointestinal disorder. But I'm also glad you laughed and didn't let that stop you from blogging, because it can be fun - it's also a great way to make a habit of writing, and a great way to meet new people. I found your blog through Miss Sharon, so that's two cool new people I "met" through blogging in the last 24 hours, alone!

    Holly Jahangiri

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