Catch the wind

Catch the wind

Friday, April 16, 2010

feel good friday

hi everyone! happy friday!
this was a pretty good week in my world. heres some of it.

1. i got following justine dell’s blog and i love it. she’s got a neat sense of humour and a real easy way of writing stuff. she makes me feel like im sitting right there with her and could feel how shes feeling. its a real feel good blog. go look but watch out its crowded! :)

2. hooray! i got two more followers for my blog and now theres three!

3. two people read my whole fish story right here on my blog and guess what? they liked it! wow! that makes me sooooo happy!

4. i went to my brothers work. he does therapy with mentally ill people sometimes one on one and sometimes in groups. i learn a lot when im there and the best part is i give out lots of love and hugs to people who never get much. wow! that’s real feel good stuff!

5. a really special friend gave me netflix for a present and i get a movie every couple of days. wednesday I got one called the bear and it was real good for helping save animals. it was a little sad in some places but it had a feel good ending. hooray for saving animals!

6. im in a writers block this week on my dragonfly story. ugh! i got me and my friends stuck on an icy ledge in the mountains and the ledge is breaking up under us. YIKES! scary! i need to get us saved before we freeze or drop off. wheels in my head are spinning. ha ha.

take good care of you and have a really nice weekend! …..hugs from lenny


  1. It's always nice to see someone have a good week ;-)

    Sorry about the writer's block. Shake it loose, you can do it!


  2. Wow this is Lenny's catch-every-body-up post. You'll get going again on the writing. Take care, remember the brave bear, Cat Whisperer


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