Catch the wind

Catch the wind

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


i been abandoned! ACK!

YIKES!!! could you believe my muse deserted me??? its true!! he just up and went and i dont know when hes coming back or if hes coming back. i gotta tell you im NOT amused! ACK!

now im just sitting here with my fingers on the keys staring at a blank computer screen and nothings happening. waaaaaaa! I WANT MY MUSE!!!

while i been waiting and hoping hes coming home i been trying to find out how come he left and if theres some way i could get him to come back. for me all it would take is a big bag of reeses mini peanutbutter cups. ha ha. hmmm...wonder if that could work on my muse???

heres some reasons why your muse could desert you
1.   youre going in the wrong direction and hes trying to get you stopped
2.   youre not listening to your characters
3.   maybe youre pushing yourself too hard and need a break
4.   poor time management
5.   too many distractions
6.   lack of motivation or inspiration
7.   procrastination (im a champion at this one - ugh!)
8.   afraid to write (comparing yourself to famous authors)
9.   not ready to write (dont have a clear picture of the basic format)
10. lots of life stuff like family and jobs - etc.

heres some ways you could get your muse to come back
1.   dont panic! it happens to everyone. it wont last forever. BREATHE!!!
2.   just write! write anything that comes into your head. gobbly gook!
3.   stop being afraid and dont compare yourself to other writers. youre you!
4.   write a question about what your writing & put it aside for a while.
      whamo! an answer will come sooner or later and get you going again.
5.   take a break and do something fun. come back later or tomorrow or day
later. then keep on pushing.
6.   change directions and go down a different road
7.   listen to your characters. they living it!
8.   plan writing time and stick to it no matter what.
9.   make a list of 10 or 12 ideas on where your stuck. dont reject any of 

      the ideas even if theyre stupid. lists help you get your brain thinking.
10. try a new topic for a while just to get you going again.

heres a real good article about losing your muse
click here:  writers block

did your muse ever desert you?  if he did how did you get him back?
...hugs from lenny

sources: writing magic by gail carson levine. spilling ink by anne mazer & ellen potter (a cool present from miss dianne). good ol'


  1. My muse always deserts me when I'm heading in the wrong direction! It drives me a little crazy! Usually I just have to change where my story is headed and it starts back up. I hope you find your muse again, soon! =)

  2. I hear you, Lenny! My muse deserts me all the time. But I sit down and write anyway. She usually shows up when I'm immersed in the writing process!

    Good luck finding your muse!!

  3. I think number three in the second list is so important to remember. I have a hard time with it. I have some amazing writing friends and when I critique for them I think "How am I ever going to write something as good as this?" I try to remind myself that I write in a different genre than most of them and no matter how much I love to read fantasy and dystopian it's just not in me to write it.

    Great post, Lenny! It's nice to see you back on line. :D

  4. Awesome post, Lenny! Sorry your muse took a vacation - it happens to all of us. Even Willie Nelson says he gets nervous if he goes a long time without writing. When that happens, he says he tries to remember something Roger Miller said: “When the well goes dry, you have to wait and let it refill itself.”

    I hope you're wading in water soon!

  5. When I'm stuck, it's usually because of 2 of the things you mentioned. If I'm listening to my characters, I have a real mess on my hands. And I'm not the bravest person in the world. I'm working at it, but taking risks isn't something I'm always good at!

    Great advice (as usual!) Lenny :)

  6. I don't depend on that miserable muse. He's fickle. I keep a notebook handy all the time and every time I see something of interest I write it down or take a picture. If I'm reading a blog and there is a point there on which I have an opinion I write down the idea and where I found it. (I have to write things down because I'm old and I have a lousy memory) I scan through old photos and look for something that makes my innards jiggle..then I know I have something good. Why not join our Monday PhotoPrompt until your muse meanders back.

  7. I can relate Lenny. I like to read for inspiration then or re-watch movies I love. For my new project I got stuck trying to outline it and finally just wrote Chapter One and started writing. It worked.

    Maybe with school ending soon, you'll have more time to write and it'll come back. I know it will.

  8. I'm sorry to hear your muse has abandoned you. Hope he returns soon--or you find him!

    Love the lists.

  9. Lenny! It is so good to see a blog post from you. I've missed you!

    Freewriting is a great way to get the writing thoughts flowing. Even if it is just gobbly gook.

    If you do your writing on a PC or laptop, try writing some of your stories long hand. Just that little change might help get things going.

    While you are waiting for your muse to come back, also try to do more reading.

    You've listed some great ways to help bring your muse back and others have shared some ideas. I hope your muse comes back to you real soon!


  10. What an awesome post! I'm suffering from #5 right now but I like you idea of #8 in the second list. Thank you.

  11. I've been there before~ love this post :)

  12. That definitely happens to me sometimes! It's usually caused by #1, 2, or 3. Especially #3.

    The best thing I can do is go watch some tv, go outside and feed the fish in my pond (assuming it's not winter), or take a long walk.

    I also like to make lists. Lists of events I *want* to happen in my story, events that *could* happen, and events that *have to* happen. When I look at the lists and start playing with the order of events, usually I'll see what I need to do in order to move forward.

    Great post!

  13. Yup. My muse has deserted me MANY times. Most of the time I just have to wait it out. She usually finds her way back home eventually. Great to see a post from you, Lenny! I've missed you!

  14. Happens to me all the time, Lenny. Sometimes the best thing is to try to write through the writer's block, even if you're writing junk. Just getting something out can bring your muse back sometimes. Also, I found talking about my story with another person can help get you excited about your story, and make you want to write it.

  15. Hi Lenny - so much going on and it's so good to see you back ... me thinks your muse could become a she - perhaps a change to that female form? I find taking a break and just chilling is the best thing .. it's so easy to get bogged down.

    However your zest for life is just wonderful .. and your muse or muses will return ... I can't see you being abandoned ever!! Too many of us lot around??!!

    Cheers for now - enjoy your summer days .. have many happy times .. Hilary

  16. I love your suggestions Lenny! And I know your muse will come running back. After all, he's probably lonely without you. :)

  17. I have just been going through this with the ending to my wip. And I am trying several of your suggestions! I haven't tried the reeses peanut butter cups, though. I may have to try that one. :)

    I think the listening to the character one has been the most helpful (for me). Have a wonderful day Lenny!

  18. My muse is missing right now, Lenny! It's been gone for a while, so I will definitely be trying some of your strategies. GREAT post!! :)

  19. EXCELLENT TIPS, Lenny. Thank you!!!

  20. Great tips, Lenny! It's so frustrating when this happens!

  21. Oh yeah, it happens to me too. I don't know if it's a 'muse', because I don't really have one, but I do have moments when the evil blinking curser and blank page just sit there and I feel paralyzed, empty, void.

    I love your suggestions, and agree with all of them. :)

    Usually I solve my blockage by switching to pen and paper and writing notes and/or free writing. Once something sparks and the writing is flowing again, I move back to the computer and let 'er rip.

    Also, there's a book called NAMING THE WORLD, and it's one of the best books EVER for ending block and/or coming up with new ideas. It's brilliant and I highly recommend it to every writer.

    I hope this finds you well, Lenny. :)

    Love and hugs,

  22. I'm gonna be honest...I don't think your muse is over here!


    Hope you're having a great day...and that inspiration is just around the corner...waiting to capture your imagination!

  23. What a frustrating thing Lenny! Maybe he's just taking a tiny vacation and your muse will be back before you know it :-)

  24. Peanut butter cups sound like an excellent plan, Lenny! Thanks for sharing the great tips. I think taking a break, then coming back and starting to write helps. Anything you are writing may help to get the creativity flowing again, and a certain word or phrase may spark your imagination.

  25. You're so smart, Lenny. And wise beyond your years. Such a great attitude to have when things seem stuck.

  26. Boy it is so hard to write when it feels like there\s no inspiration, but you're right--we need to just sit down and write anyway. About anything! The process of writing will get us on track eventually, like an old, familiar habit :)

    Hope you have a great summer, Lenny!


  27. hey lenny!!!!! i'm having some down time and thought i'd stop by. how's it going? i just read through several of your posts, all the way to the christmas one. you've really grown! i once had a mc get angry at someone and his reaction changed the whole ending to a story. i didn't like it at first, but he was right.

    i hope your muse has just been on a break and that you're having a great (and cool) summer!

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