Catch the wind

Catch the wind

Saturday, January 19, 2013

...ready to read?

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think youre ready to read? well...maybe not. did you know if youre comfortable when youre reading youll read longer and concentrate better? here are some things you could do to help you get ready to read.
1. find a special place
find a spot where you feel comfy and cozy but not so relaxed that you nod off when youre reading. it can be a chair or your couch or in your bed. it could be anywhere you want and it can be inside or outside. just make sure youre in a spot where you gonna feel relaxed for the whole time you plan to read.
2. find a quiet time
make sure you find a time when theres not gonna be a lotta noise or interruptions or distractions. if you got kids read when theyre napping or in school. find what works best for you and gives you the longest quiet time.
3. adjust the temperature
you need to have the temperature just right. if its too hot or too cold its gonna be real hard to get comfortable and concentrate on what youre reading. before you sit down and start to read make sure its just the right temperature for you.
4. wear feel good clothes
wearing stuff thats too tight or too loose or too skimpy could make you feel uncomfortable. i like wearing my pajamas or sweats and a tee shirt. just wear whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfy.
5. have a drink
if you read for a long time youre probably gonna get thirsty. keep a bottle of water handy or any drink you like. if you want a hot one use a thermous bottle so you wont have to get up and heat something up.
6. how about some munchies
i dont know why but i always get hungry when im reading. i always have a little snack right where i could reach it without taking my eyes off the page. keep some snacks handy so you can reach them real easy and just pop one into your mouth.
7. get a book!!
the most important thing in getting ready to read is to get a book. it can be one youre already reading or one you been wanting to read. it could be one you wanna read just for fun. make sure its a book you really wanna read.
8. use a bookmark
if you need to take a break to do something else and dont wanna lose your place in the book use a bookmark! theres lots of cool bookmarks you can buy or its cool to make your own. kindles got a built in bookmark.
9. eye contact
if you wear contacts or glasses make sure you clean them good before you start reading. even a little smudge can distract you. keep a special cleaning cloth next to you in case you get a smudge from eating a snack and touching your glasses or get them dirty taking them on and off.
10. settle in 
how you get positioned is real important to being comfortable when you read. find a position thats real relaxing for you and that you can change and more around real easy if you want to.
11. READ!!
if you follow all these steps for sure youre gonna be ready to read!
what do you do to get ready to read?
...hugs from lenny 


  1. I need a box of Hot Tamales and my iPad - then I am ready to read!

  2. Peanut butter cups and my fuzzy socks! :-) I love your steps to better reading. I definitely need a bookmark unless it's one of those 'can't put it down' stories. You know where I love to read the most! On Mr.Ed. Ha ha haaaa. Great list, Lenny!

    GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) (I hope tomorrow I can say happy things about how they played to you.)

  3. I have a couple reading spots: bed, the recliner in my office (it's really old), on the patio, or in my chair in the living room. I drink water when I or tea when I write. I like to use old airplane tickets as bookmarks...I don't snack while reading, but while writing I need jolly ranchers or licorice.

    Go Falcons!!!!!!!

  4. For bookmarks, when I was a kid I'd make my own, with the title of the book, a sketch, and how many pages and when I read it. I still have a stack of them, and it's cool to see what I was reading then.

    I'd also recommend a good reading lamp - I tried to get by with a regular wall lamp for years, but nothing like having an adjustable lamp you can aim right at the book.

    Best of luck to your Falcons!

  5. This was just what I needed! I'm going to read, read, read today.

    Thanks for the tips. :)

  6. You're making me want to go read now. I love to read in bed under the covers at night. Or sitting on the bed with a blanket over me and a cup of coffee during the day. Thanks for getting us in the mood.

  7. Terrific tips/reminders Lenny! I can only think of one more to add and that pertains to DOG READERS. If your furry best friend cannot let him or herself out to take care of business...better do it sooner than later so you both can get comfy!

  8. You've thought of everything! Great idea about having a drink and snack close by.

    So my favorite reading spot is my couch under a comfy blanket, but unless it's night, I rarely get to read for extended times because my kids want my attention the second I sit-down. Which means I've been reading more and more in the bathroom. ;)

  9. Great tips. We will be moving in a few months and my new office space has room for a smaller yet comfy chair....I am taking my time to make sure I pick out just the right one!

  10. Hi Lenny - the book is the main thing isn't it ... and gosh I've got a pile to read. I try not to snack while I'm reading ... I do more snacking than reading!! I too drink water ...

    The book mark is an essential ... but for now - I could find a warm cosy blanket and snuggle up and go to sleep - that's the problem with me and reading .... ?! As it's cold and snowy outside ..

    Do I read of a big game today ... someone will be having plenty of snacks me thinks ... hope Rocky gets some too ...

    Cheers for now - it's getting grey and gloomy and night timish ....! Enjoy that game .. and Go Falcons ..... Hilary

  11. I like to have my Chai tea with me when I'm reading ... or at any other time for that matter. I have a favourite chair in my living room that is super comfy and perfect for a good read!

  12. Thanks for the great tips, Lenny! I gave you an award on my blog. Who better than you to receive a Sunshine Award? Hugs!

  13. This post makes me want to curl up right now! My biggest struggle at home is finding quiet time~ there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day sometimes... :)

  14. Hi, Lenny! Great tips for reading. Have an awesome week! : )

  15. Actually, I am in feel-good clothes, tucked in snug-as-a-bug in my bed with my favorite pillows and blankets and a drink on the dresser, right now. Yep! I'm ready for some serious reading!! :)

  16. Oh, I am so bad about the snacking part! I guess I need to find some books that are SO GOOD I forget about putting stuff in my mouth! LOL!

    And I read best when I take off my contact lenses and put on my glasses. Forget about vanity, comfort is better when reading!

  17. Like your thoughts about the temperature. I know when I get too hot, or too cold, I don't enjoy reading so much and I fall asleep.

  18. Excellent tips! Especially the comfort and quiet part. :)

  19. Oh yes, I love to snuggle with a book and I will definitely use your tips. Thanks Lenny!

  20. These tips come at the perfect time for me since I just started my college courses this week and I have a TON of reading to do - thanks, Lenny!

  21. That sounds like heaven! Thanks, Lenny! I kept falling asleep reading in my bed so recently I moved my favorite (red velour!) day bed into the corner of my room. Now it's my favorite place to be.

    Big hugs, Lenny! You are the best!

  22. I love to read. I need to read more though. My biggest problem is finding a book that keeps me interested.

  23. Hi Lenny - I remembered one other necessity in life for me - when I'm reading ... a pad and pencil - the pencil is the thing .. there's always a jotting of paper around ...

    I spend my life jotting interesting snippets down!

    So a pencil for me is a requirement ..

    Have a lovely weekend - spring is bursting through the ground ... enjoy watching the bulbs come up and Rocky will be pleased with the warmer weather!! Cheers Hilary


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