Catch the wind

Catch the wind

Monday, September 10, 2012

...biggest celebration giveaway!





WHO? the coolest nicest writer blogger friend…
miss sheri!
WHY? cause shes a really cool author and...SHE GOT AGENTED!!. cause shes soooo nice shes sharing out her happiness with all her blogger friends by celebrating with the B-T-A-S-M GIVEAWAY!!

WHAT?  yikes! you could win all kinds of neat stuff. theres chapter(s) and page(s) critiques… query critiques... signed books… unsigned books… chats… gift cards… jewelry… super swag and lots more. and..the GRAND PRIZE is the ebook THE EMOTIONAL THESAURUS and… a “live” brainstorming/chapter critique session with miss angela and miss becca from the bookshelf muse!!!  

WHEN? right now!! this very minute!! you can enter now and all the way til september 27th. winners are gonna be announced on september 28th. oh... guess what??? you could win more than one prize!!! WOW! how cool is that!!

WHERE? at miss sheris blog and at lots of other blogs that are helping her celebrate. just click on miss sheris name anywhere in this post and zooooooooom your way over to her blog.

HOW? when you go to miss sheris blog all you gotta do is follow the directions and... whamo youll be entered in the coolest giveaway ever. WOW! how easy is that!!

i hope you WIN  WIN  WIN!! and... when youre at her blog dont forget to tell miss sheri how cool she is. :)

HOORAY for miss sheri!!!

…hugs from lenny


  1. congrats sheri and love how you presented her giveaway lenny!

  2. Hurray for Sheri! You are such a supportive part of our blogging circle, Lenny!! :-)

  3. Hi, Lenny! AWESOME celebration post. : ) CONGRATS to Sheri!

  4. Thanks for the info, Lenny! It's really brilliant that Sheri got an agent and is having such a huge giveaway!


  5. OMGosh, Lenny! This is a fantastic post!! Look at all the effort you put into it. I can't thank you enough.


  6. Who can resist super swag and lots more?

  7. Yay for Sheri and what a cool thing for you to give her a link every time you see her name. Wow, there are a lot of prizes! You even gave her one... :)

  8. I just found out about this giveaway and it's awesome. I figured I'd take it one step further and follow the blogs hosting the giveaway. I'm always looking for new writer friends. I'd love it if you'd swing by my blog to say hi! Thanks for helping to host such an great giveaway!!!

  9. What a fantastic giveaway!

  10. Sheri is very awesome and I'm so happy for her! No one is more deserving. :o) And you are nice to tell everyone about her giveaway, Lenny. Thanks for the heads up!!! Hugs!


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