Catch the wind

Catch the wind

Saturday, February 01, 2014

...calling all PB writers!

do you write PICTURE BOOKS or been wanting to give it a try?
if you answered "yes"...

LISTEN UP! have i got a deal for you... a fantastic contest!!!

                            (fiction and non-fiction) 

the contest is sponsored by and is gonna be judged by the awesome miss sharon mayhew and the fabulous literary agent miss terrie wolf of  AKA literary management, llc.  OH YAH! real pro stuff here!
1. one manuscript per writer (agent may ask for more if she likes your work)
2. must be formatted correctly
3. submit the entire manuscript (fiction or nonfiction)
4. the contest begins february 10th at 12 a.m. CST.
5. directions for submitting your ms will be on the...
6. contest ends on february 15th OR when 50 plus 1 submissions have been received (there will be an automatic response telling you if you made it into the 51entries)
five fiction and five nonfiction manuscripts will be chosen. YIKES! thats TEN winners!! each winner will receive a critique of their manuscript AND a thirty minute phone conversation with literary agent miss terrie wolf. WOW! how cool is that!! what an opportunity!!

you can find lots more info on the MAIN CONTEST BLOG about the judges...what theyre looking for in a PB...questions you need to ask yourself when writing a PB and a pre-submission check list. hop on over and check it out.

after the PB contest is over theres gonna be two more contests. in march theyll be hosting MIDDLE GRADE MADNESS and in april SPRING INTO YOUNG ADULT NOVELS. WOW! lots of genres ...something for everyone!! you can hop on over to the contest blog. and...good luck with the PB contest!
...hugs from lenny


  1. Sorry I don't do picture books.
    Some good contests for pitches and manuscripts right now.

  2. I saw this and am shouting out about this too on Monday on my blog, though now with all the rules like you. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

  3. Sounds like an awesome contest! Glad you surfaced on your blog again, Lenny. So happy to see you!!!

  4. What a great contest!! I hadn't realized Sharon was now an intern too - that's awesome! Hope you're keeping well!

  5. It sounds awesome! This is a great opportunity for PB writers!

    Glad to see you here at your blog, Lenny! I've got a manuscript brewing that's giving me a lot of trouble. I'm gonna need a beta reader who can tell me what I need to fix! Oh, and if you have a chance, check out the character drawings one of my daughter's friends did for TED! They are on my blog.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing about our first contest, Lenny! I'm pretty excited about getting to help Terrie with it. I hope lots of our bloggy friends get their manuscripts polished and ready to submit on Feb. 10th....and get in before the 51 submissions fill up.

  7. Hi Lenny .. sounds a great idea and you've set it out so well - everyone will be able to follow the guidelines. Love picture books but can't 'do' them .. So good luck to you .. I hope you're entering a story or two ..

    Cheers and have a fun weekend .. is it snowing? Happy days - Hilary


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