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"Lords of Trillium"

this is the third book in "The Nightshade Chronicles"
MG series by Miss Hilary Wagner.

What the book blurb says: "When Billycan left Trillium at the end of The White Assassin, he fled to the island of Tosca. There, he learns that a former ally, working undercover in Nightshade City is plotting to seize power. he races back to Trillium to join the coup - but on which side? Something even more sinister is afoot in Trillium City. Rats are disappearing, and when Juniper leads a search party topside, they discover the alarming truth: Prince Pharmaceuticals, the insidious corporation tht tortured so many rats, is still in operation, working clandestinely to uncover the secret of Trillium rats' extraordinary intelligence and longevity. The fate of the Nightshade rats is in Billycan's hands, but can he be trusted? Will he use his connection to the human scientists for good or for evil?"

What Lenny (that's me) says:  "i love rats! well…not all rats. but, for sure i love the rats in “The Nightshade Chronicles” trilogy. i read and loved the first two books, “Nightshade City” and “The White Assassin.” and, i just finished (couldn’t put it down) the third book, “Lords of Trillium.” miss hilary took me on another exciting and heart thumping adventure! the book has cool characters, battles, conflicts, intrigue, ever changing relationships, surprises and even a splash of rat romance. ack! but wait! theres more! how ‘bout an explosive ending! WOW! how hot is that! mix all that stuff together with a terrific plot and a strong voice and WHAMO!! it’s a winner! yep, it has all the things that make for a fantastic mg book. it’s a good read for young and older adults too. get it! read it! you’ll love it! RATS RULE!"

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get the set! you'll love it!
...hugs from lenny


  1. Hey Lenny! Thanks for cluing me in to the latest in the series. Sure sounds like it's got everything a reader could want.

  2. Hi Lenny - sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed Hilary's book from the series Nightshade City Chronicles .. if it caught your imagination I'm sure many other teenagers will enjoy her books ...

    Great write up you've given us .. especially your use of explosive words ... sounds just such a fun story ...

    Happy weekend .. the sun is shining here .. big hugs from us here .. Hardwick, Miss Linda and I .. cheers Hilary

  3. I should have said from GrandBlogMum - forgot my new name!! Happy times .. we still laugh about it .. GBM!!! xoxox

  4. LENNY! Thanks so much for posting about my book! I'm so happy you loved it so much! A great review from you means everything! Juniper, Vincent, and Billycan are happy too! ;)


    Thanks so much!


  5. Sounds like a really good read. I must look out for these books. Not heard of them before. You give them such a good review I am sure I would enjoy them, often love YA stories.

  6. Just realised you hate asparagus. Sorry about that, to me it's delicious and so good for you too. I post lots of asparagus recipes in season and I eat it every day during that time.

  7. What a great review! I loved the first two books. I for sure need to get the third one! I'm sure Hilary will appreciate you going the amazon review too.

  8. It sounds great! I love asparagus. Don't hate me. :)

  9. YIKES, I missed this post. How could I? Your review is ultra fantastic. I have to get that last one, Lenny (thanks for the reminder). I gotta email you. Will do that this coming week. GO BRAVES! YEAH! xoxo

  10. Hi and happy chocolate chip cookie day!!
    I loved Hilary's first 2 books - can't wait to read this one too :)

  11. I didn't know the third one came out! I must rectify that. :) And I can't believe I missed this post, too. Loved your review.

    I hope you are having a great summer!

  12. Hi Lenny! I got your Christmas card the other day and had a good laugh over that! Thanks for sending it when it was returned after I moved! Totally made my day :)

    Hope all is going great and that you're writing lots!



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