Sunday, November 28, 2010 blues

we think of holiday time for being the season to be jolly.  but did you know theres lots of people that  get really sad and lonesome and could even get real depressed at holiday time. what they got and maybe what you could get is called the holiday blues.

heres some reasons you could get  feeling not so jolly…

1.  feeling lonesome if you live alone or if your family and the ones you love live far away.  this is  real true for old people who are all alone and got no one or no family.
2.  remembering past real happy or real sad holiday stuff
3.  thinking about loved ones that arent here any more
4. not having enough money to buy as much presents as you want
dealing out with family problems
5.  being real tired from trying to do too much
6.  missing the sunlight on those gloomy winter days

what could we do to squash those blues?

1.  one of the best things you could do is help someone whose got less than you cause it gets you off thinking on yourself and on thinking of someone else
2.  volunteer somewhere 
3.  make goals you know you could do and ask for help if you could need it
4.  let go of that past holiday stuff and make some new traditions
5.  call or email people you didnt talk to for a long time and send holiday cards
6.  stay busy but dont forget to take some time for YOU so you could get yourself recharged
7.  get out outside and see decorations and lights (go talk to santa ha ha)
8.  dont drink too much (booze)
9.  dont beat up on your self if you dont get everything done you want to

heres something i like lots from a article i read.  im calling it number 10…

“Now here’s the most important thing you can do to beat those blues: No matter what is happening in your life, think of the blessings you do have. Taking stock of all of the positives in your life — right here and now — can go a long way toward ending your “bah humbug” mood.”  Maud Purcell, LCSW

WOW!  how cool is that for beating off that hum bug!  

did you ever feel those holiday blues?  if you did what did you do to make it better.  if you didnt what could you tell people who get feeling that way that could help them.

…big hugs from lenny


  1. wow, Lenny, this is a very thoughtful post. there have been times I've been blue, but my nephew, who's all grown up now, used to come stay with me every weekend and we'd have so much fun I'd forget about being blue.

    one other thing someone could do is help out a friend who has kids but no time to take them to the park or to a movie or just away for a few hours. we used to paint and play games and even cook!

    great post Lenny and I hope you don't get any blues!!!

  2. Lenny, this is an excellent post. Some people just feel sad because they are expected to be SO HAPPY this time of year, and they can't live up to that expectation.

    But you have such excellent suggestions! Thanks for the reminder that we can make our own happiness when we try. :D

  3. Awesome post, Lenny. And awesome ideas for people to chase away the blues. Love, love number ten. :)

    If I find anyone that has the blues, I'll send them over here to visit with you. That's sure to chase away their sadness. :)

  4. Fantastic post, Lenny. I love your ideas because it can be hard.
    Thanks and have a great day!

  5. Really great post, Lenny. Not only do you acknowledge the sadness some people feel during the holidays, but you offer some very good ways to get through it. :)

  6. What a wonderful post Lenny! It's good to remember that there are people around us who can get a bad case of the blues! What a great ideas to keep us cheerful!

    I love around the holiday times to listen to holiday music, the radio starts the day after Thanksgiving and it keeps me cheerful at work for the remainder of the holiday!

  7. What a wonderful post! And a reminder that the holiday's aren't "happy" for everyone, so we must do what we can to spread the smiles. ;-)


  8. I think this is great advice. I always try to see the good in any situation. Even when something bad happens, it's usually an opportunity to learn from a mistake or to take stock of our lives and our priorities.

    Lenny, you won something super cool on my blog, so make sure you stop by? :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  9. Lenny, this is a wonderful post. I plan on using some of these tips to help out a friend who sometimes suffers from seasonal depression. It's a big issue, so thanks for highlighting some positive ways to deal with feeling down :)

  10. What an excellent post. I used to get the holiday blues when I was away at University and far from my family. It made me so sad. But you're list of things to do to get rid of the blues is very true. We must never stop being grateful for what we have and the idea of volunteering someone to help others is such a great idea! There's nothing like doing something to help others to bring joy into our lives.


  11. Hey Lenny! Great post. This definitely makes me want to do something a little different this year. Perhaps my husband and I will do some volunteer work this season or help out some friends more than usual. Thanks for the inspiration/reminder!

  12. You are an amazing young man, Lenny. You're smart and friendly and you always think of others and how you can help to make other peoples' lives better. Then, you remind all of us and that helps even more people. Thank you for another great post.

    ~ Yaya

  13. Awesome post. So true. I think spreading holiday cheer is so important. Not everyone has a reason to celebrate or be happy so why not try to give them a reason to smile?

  14. I love LOVE this post, Lenny.

    And, this post is the perfect meaning of the holidays. :)


  15. I think it's very important to help others, especially during the holidays. For years I used to go downtown to help wrap gifts for underprivileged children. It made me so happy know that some little boy or girl would be getting brand new presents.

    Great post, Lenny!

  16. Oh Lenny, I am so loving this post, how brilliant! I have to say the dark nights do get me down a little sometimes, and as Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love driving around my town and admiring the lights, it's just beautiful. Hugs K x

  17. I love this post! These are some great ideas for getting out of the holiday blues. :)

  18. Hi Lenny .. you're so right .. I do count my blessings before I whine off .. and oh boy are we lucky in this western world .. than so many others .. let alone all those in the cold and freezing country we are in here.

    Be happy - help others, share compassion and remember your love for all peoples, birds, animals, insects, bees and all creatures, plants etc big and small .. thanks so much for the reminder .. Hilary

  19. oh Lenny you little big thinker. Christmas is all about giving and we often forget that and wallow in our own petty issues. You are going to grow up to be an amazing young man.

  20. Great post, Lenny, and a good reminder for all of us that helping others is often the best way to keep those blues from getting to you at holiday time (and all year long!)I hope your holidays are great this year.


  21. You have such great ideas! We should all be as positive as you. And thinking of others definitely works, not to mention counting your blessings. :)

    Hope you are well. I've been thinking of you, sending all my positive vibes your way.

  22. How can so much wisdom come in such a great package?
    Thanks Lenny! You and your blog are a great cure for the holiday blues!

  23. Very cute post, Lenny. I'll tell you when I was your age I never even thought about this, but you are absolutely correct. We all have to help each other through the holidays with how the economy has changed and so forth.
    Hope your holidays go well.


  24. Wonderful post, Lenny! You are right, the holidays can be very hard on some people. I tend to get a bit stressed out (LOL, you already know that about me though...) because I want everything to be perfect. As we got closer to Thanksgiving I decided I would make a point of wishing everyone I met a Happy Thanksgiving and if time allowed ask what their plans were. It made me slow down and think about others. It made a difference on my stress level even with having company and traveling and being thinking of others really worked for me. :)

    Thank you for being my cp and for always bringing sunshine into my in box. (((hug)))

  25. Wonderful tips Lenny. I get down myself sometimes but I find I get to feeling better when I help someone :)

  26. Lenny, how did you get so wise? Sometimes, I think you are far wiser than I am, buddy, and I'm 42 years old! :-)

  27. I've always been lucky - I love the holidays and I'm surrounded by my family. I do teach some kids who have a hard time at the holidays. Some of them live in pretty stressful situations and they worry about being at home for 2 whole weeks. It's hard. I think I'll print off your advice and go through it with them :)

  28. You've got some great tips there, Lenny! I think I like the ones about helping others who are less fortunate and concentrating on our blessings best of all. I don't get the holiday blues, though sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the extra work this time of year. I can't complain though - I'm so grateful to have family around to enjoy it with!

  29. What a nice post, Lenny! I've been away and haven't been visiting blogs much lately, but it's always such a pleasure to visit your blog! Thinking of others and helping them is certainly a good way to get rid of our own blues, as well as remembering all our blessings. Being a good listener is a good way to help others, and hugs are great for lifting the spirits.

  30. those are some great suggestions, lenny! I know that many get depressed because of money and family but those are super things people can do to raise our mood.


  31. What a helpful post, Lenny. I think the expectations are high this time of year - to do it all - buy the perfect gift - be happy. It can be depressing. Putting it in perspective by helping others is a good way to feel better.

    I try to do what I can and not beat myself up about it. Donating gifts to poor children has made me feel better too.

    I hope you are able to avoid the holiday blues, Lenny.

  32. Those are great thoughts, Lenny! I hate to see people sad during the holidays. And I think you're right--the best thing to do to cure the blues is to get outside yourself and think of others. Thanks for sharing, friend. How are you???!! :o)

  33. I loved this post Lenny! It looks like you've got a great list of ways to keep the holiday blues at bay. Thinking of you and sending lots of happy holiday thoughts your way!

  34. Aw! Love this Lenny! I've had the holiday blues before, I think the best thing for it is helping other people. Thanks for the great reminder. =)

  35. Lenny,
    Thanks for writing this post because it's really needed. There is something called SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder] which is what you've mentioned as being the winter blues. It affects some people a whole lot more than others. But the remedies you mention should help. You really give out such practical & awesome advice. Thanks! :)

  36. Lenny, you're right holiday blues are a big problem this time of the year. Your suggestions are great. You are such a nice person!

  37. Hi, Lenny. I'm getting caught up on my blog reading.

    What a wonderful post! Thank you for all the wonderful reminders.

    Thank you for all your smiles and all the sunshine you spread in the blogging community!

  38. What a GREAT post, Lenny. I know sometimes I get sad that my parents aren't around anymore because I would love for them to know my kids and be able to spend the holidays with them. But whenever I get feel down, I do #10. I think I'm a very lucky person and I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for the reminder!

  39. Wooooo! Lenny! I just saw my book and photo in your side bar! Thank you SO MUCH! I was so pleased to get your email yesterday (and I'm sorry I haven't responded yet - I will!). Thank you loads and loads and I'm sending you lots of virtual cucpakes.

  40. Hey Lenny,
    Wise words, my young friend. Now Christmas is a very lonely time for me. Yet I do not sit around and feel sorry for myself. Instead, I go and work for a homeless charity and feed those who have been dealt a very bad time in their lives.
    To feed a brother or sister in need, on Christmas day, makes me realise how much I have to be grateful for. I may go home and spend Christmas alone, but I have a nice warm home to go to.
    Take care, little buddy.
    Kind wishes and happy smiles, your way, Mr. Gary:-)

  41. Lenny, man, you have more wisdom in that 11 yo brain than many people have when they're all grown up. I hope you can beat those holiday blues! And I vow not to get stressed out because I have too many things to do, and just be grateful I have people I love to be with.

  42. Google Friend Connect finally started working for me again, and I came back to follow your blog. Hugs, Lenny!


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