Catch the wind

Catch the wind

Saturday, May 15, 2010

how 'bout a hug!

i don’t know ‘bout you but i love hugs. i love giving them and i love getting them. i bet you didnt know theres a national hug day and its on january 21st.

i got thinking about hugs and whats so neat about them. hugs are for lots of things. theyre for being happy, for when you’re sad or scared or sick, cause we like some one or love ‘em, to make some one just feel better, to say im sorry, to make up after a fight, to tell ‘em we care, to give comfort, to make em feel real safe and lots of other reasons. some times a hug isnt for any reason but just cause it feels like the right thing to do and it feels good in our heart.

i think theres different kinds of hugs. i like the bear hug cause its so close and squeezy tight and like for a minute were all one person together and for me thats a for real hug. theres a not for real hug and its one of those social thingys and it doesnt have much feeling and its not squeezy tight and its just for saying hello. theres group hugs and theyre neat for being close with a bunch of people.

whats in a hug that makes if feel so good? mostly i think it feels really good cause in the touch you could feel that some one really cares about you or loves you and they say it more strong in a hug than in just words. its really neat when you get hugged and get the words all at the same time. being wrapped up in some ones arms is a real feel good thing.

some times its real important to not just hug some one but ask if they could want a hug. thats like when i go with my brother to where he works with mental ill people. i always ask if one of them could want a hug and mostly every one says yes. i think thats cause they didnt get much hugs in their life and dont get any now. thats a real feel good hug for me and for them too! its ok to say no if you dont want a hug cause some times you just dont feel like it and some people dont like getting touched.

one of my brothers found this quote for me cause he knew im making this hugging post

“Hugging is healthy: It helps the body’s immune system, it keeps you healthier, it helps cure depression, it reduces stress, it induces sleep, it’s invigorating, it’s rejuvenating, it has no unpleasant side effects, and hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug.” - Unknown –

now if you want to you could leave me a nice big hug and go give some one a just because hug! ..... …..biggy supersized hugs from lenny


  1. *HUGS*
    So sweet. Hugs are the best.

  2. Lots and lots and lots of hugs for you... HUGS!!

  3. Nice post. I'm very pro hugs and, like you, I enjoy giving and receiving them. (((Lenny)))

  4. LENNY! I love love love your posts. They always make me feel happy! Here's a big hug for you for starting my morning in a positive light: ((((HUUUUGGGGGG))))

    Thanks, Lenny!

  5. Hi Lenny Hugs are great, maybe there are not enough of them in the world today. Peace and Hugs, Cat Whisperer

  6. wow! thanks candyland and carole and candice and wc and cat whisperer for so much hugs. i got every one of them and they feel really good. ...more hugs from lenny

  7. Big hug to you Lenny. I have found many people who never get a human touch. They are lonely and depressed. I see them every day in my office. Like you said, I ask them if they would like a hug. They always say yes. Sometimes I can hear them "sigh" like "oh, my, I needed this." Thanks Lenny. Sometimes we take hugs for granted and for some it means life. God bless.

  8. So, here's a fact about me: I'm not a touchy-feely type person. After reading your post, I wonder how hard it would be to change that? Don't get me wrong, I hug my daughter like a gazillion times. But other people? Not-so-much. Strangers? That's just me though. I wish I could be more like you, Lenny.

    Here's my hug:

    (((((((H U G))))))))


    And I'll try to be more huggish with those I know. ;-)


  9. thanks inside the shrink. yep sometimes its just thanks i needed that.

    miss justine youre just who you are and thats ok. you dont gotta be more huggish if it doesnt feel good. you give lots of the same stuff thats in hugs in your words.

  10. Lenny you have a really sweet blog. I'd like to give you a virtual hug for searching me out and reminding me what SMART goals are. Thank you. Are you a writer? I'd like to put you on my sidebar...I'm doing something new...I'm putting people up by their blog names and what they write about.

  11. Virtual Hug headed your way! You'r blog is so bright and friendly I love it!!! I also am a huge fan of hugs and since my husband moved to overnights I've missed them, luckily I get them back next week but for now I appreciate the hug through the computer!


  12. thanks for the hug miss sharon. i love writing stuff so i guess its yep im a writer. :) gosh thanks it could be a real special thing to be on your blog bar.

    miss jen thanks for the hug. sorry you dont get much hugs til next week. heres some til then (((((hugshugshugshugshugs))))) hope that helps.

    …more hugs from lenny

  13. Lenny, it's are on my sidebar. :) Have a lovely weekend.

  14. So cute! You would love my friend that makes the Hug shirts, Lenny. Hugging is her trademark and what she's known for. We've been best friends for twenty years and I have yet to know one person she has been afraid to hug. Everyone, known or unknown to her, gets one! :o)

    And I'm so stealing this quote. It's wonderful!!!


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