Friday, May 28, 2010

how 'bout a pet!

right now i dont have any inside pets but i got a bunch of outdoor ones and im gonna write about them another time. i got thinking when i had some inside pets how much i liked it and why i did. pets get into your heart and get to be more than just friends cause they live with you and that makes them a real part of your family. theyre there all the time. theyre there when you get home, when you eat, when you go to bed, when you get up, when youre lonely or afraid or just need a friend to be with you. theyre always happy to see you and be with you and mostly they dont complain. they love you and dont ask for much except some love back from you. pets could make your mood lots better. if youre sad or feeling all antsy, playing and petting feels good for you and for your pet too and when they get you laughing from doing fun stuff that feels real good and makes you smile and feel happy. pets are good cause they could get you thinking on some one besides your self and make you know that you need to take real good care of some one besides you. when you have a pet its not just about you any more and its whole life is on your hands. you have to feed, water, comb and brush, make a good potty place, take it to the vet and get medicine and make sure you do every thing so it could be healthy and happy. having a pet is a big thing and lots of work and you gotta be sure youre ready for it. if you are then try to get a rescue pet cause they need you real bad. but theres lots of other kinds of pets so just get one that you could like, love and be ok taking care of. so, how ‘bout a pet? it could be a real happy thing for you and your family and specially for your new pet. …hugs from lenny


  1. Awe, nice post! I hope you get some sort of an indoor pet, Lenny. They really are great, just like you described. Outside pets are like that too, but there's something extra special about the pet that spends 24/7 with you (in the house).

    I love animals!


  2. Yes, Lenny, I hope you get an indoor pet soon. Hugs..

  3. Pets are awesome, and so are YOU!

  4. I don't have any indoor pets either. Sometimes I'd really like one, but I don't know. They are a lot of work, too.

  5. Lovely post, Lenny! You are right it is important to take care of your pets, they can't ask when they need something...Well most pets can't ask. Macy brings me her bowl if she is hungry. You do get really attached to your pets. When my cat Stripes died, I was very sad. He's been gone almost a month and I still miss him. He was a special friend.

    Oops, I almost forgot. I did a post about goals today and put a link to your blog because you helped me remember what SMART Goals were. Thank you!

    I hope you have a wonderful week.


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